Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting down with the sickness

"D-E-N-G-U-E and J-A-U-N-D-I-C-E"
              You wake up at 6 AM in the morning, or at 6PM in the evening. You don't know what's which. There's a clock in your room that keeps ticking, there's a bed that you lie in, there's a fucking TV on the wall. You can't move, you can't eat, you try to sleep but you're interrupted by the nurses walking in with their fake smiles, the fangs that they conceal behind the well brushed teeth.
           You have a needle in your hand that's supposed to be putting vital fluids in your body but it feels like it's sapping every ounce of life force out of you. The pain of the blood clotting remains long after the needle has gone.
          You get the bill, it's an insane amount for what seems to be more of making you sick and less of making you healthy.
      All this shit because a mosquito decided to bite me one morning.