Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!

What the fuck is wrong with Surat???? Nice weather for a few days, then some dumbass flushes, and forgets to shut. I don't have any problems with rain, seriously(i mean, at least i get a reason to bunk class), but isn't this a wee bit too much? If this keeps up, i'm probably gonna get drowned (or "drowneded", as i remember saying during a big flood when i was 6). But i've always had history with the rain. Be it when i was 3 and ran out of the house to escape eating veggies in the pouring rain(I'd still do that! YUCK!!!) or when i was 6 and against my continuous pleas, was forced to go to school when the water was so high that it emotionally scarred my mental make-up for eternity.( I fell into rain water, then got splashed by a tata sumo and wound up in hospital with typhoid for 1 fucking month!). But i still like the rain, i just hate the slush in which most of our shit gets dumped into, mixes with rain water and then makes a splishy-splashy sound when we walk on it(that'll teach you to mess with puddles!!). So, what do you do in the rain? If you're the indoor sportsman, play AOE, CS, FIFA or any other game. If you're not, still do that!! Cos, in hostel, books are tough to come by, and study????? You'd rather i don't answer that you prick. OR another satisfying option is, get back into hostel after getting drenched, borrow your room-mate's laptop(without drying off properly) and end up ruining his happiness, write a blog to ruin everyone else's happiness, your health and your attendance(you think i'll get a med certi for fever??)!! Hope you "enjoyed" the blog . Cheers to the rain :)