Saturday, September 11, 2010


Your heart pounds, your ears throb, you eyes are almost closed, you can feel the wind making you feel light, heady. You don't know what's left, right, right ahead or what you left behind. You forget the past, the present, future. You forget all about classes. About the lectures you've bunked, about what you want to eat, about the cigarette you smoked, the whiskey from last night, the chick from 3 ks behind, the girl you broke up with, the place you're going. All you can concentrate on is nothingness. It's obscure. It doesn't exist. The very fabric of life unfolds in front of you. You see god, you feel the glory of heaven and the fury of hell all at once. You want to think of a song to sing, but nothing comes to mind. A movie to remember but all goes blank. You become an ascetic, everything is a blur and yet so much more clear... Everything is oblivion. Reality as you know it, ceases to exist.... On a bike beyond the 100 barrier.... :)